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Marketing Your Fund To And Through Consultants And Gatekeepers

Written by guest contributor, Bruce Frumerman, Frumerman & Nemeth Inc.

This article first appeared in FINAlternatives on February 3, 2014 and is re-printed with permission below. 

‘Soft’ manager qualities are often what separates your fund from competitors is a summary finding in the recently reported survey of institutional consultants and gatekeepers by Market Strategies International’s Cogent Reports.  Investment consulting firms are now saying they are paying greater attention to ‘soft’, subjective factors in assessing money managers.  Firms that place a greater emphasis on increasing and demonstrating transparency in their communications and processes are favored, Cogent noted.

In 2013, assuming you were delivering acceptable risk/return characteristics and met AUM size and track record length requirements, did your firm find itself favored over competitors?