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Hedge Fund Law Report on Form PF

The Form PF (PF is short for “private funds”) is a new Securities and Exchange Commission reporting form for investment advisers to private funds that have at least $150 million in private fund assets under management.  Comprising 42 pages and divided into 4 sections with corresponding subsections, Form PF may appear daunting at first.  The task of completing and filing the Form also entails categorizations, specific and nuanced reporting requirements and Form-specific calculations, not to mention the fact that improperly completed Forms may be delayed or even rejected.  However, with the proper tools and plan of attack, an adviser will be able to fulfill its reporting requirements and improve its data platform for a host of other reporting and filing requirements.  Form PF necessitates working with large amounts of data.  So, early planning, coordination and organization are essential for success.  In a guest article, Jay Gould, a Partner at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP and leader of Pillsbury’s Investment Funds & Investment Management practice team, and Kelli Brown, Director of Private Funds at Data Agent, LLC, describe ten steps that a hedge fund manager should take for successful Form PF completion and filing.  The article can be accessed on the Hedge Fund Law Report’s website ( – subscription required). 

Please contact Jay Gould if you have any further questions or seek further information about Form PF.