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How Officers and Directors of Financial Intermediaries Can Avoid Personal Liability in the Post-Dodd-Frank Market

By Joseph T. Lynyak III and Rodney R. Peck

This Alert analyzes steps that officers and directors of bank and non-bank financial companies and their holding companies and affiliates can take to address personal liability for alleged breaches of duty to manage and supervise a financial company’s operations, allegations which are being made in an increasing number by federal and state regulatory agencies, including the federal banking agencies and the U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

On December 10, 2012, a California jury returned a verdict of $169 million in a case brought by the FDIC against three former IndyMac Bancorp Inc. executives after determining that those officers were negligent in making loans to homebuilders by continuing to push for growth in loan production without proper regard for creditworthiness and market conditions. Soon thereafter, the former CEO of IndyMac Bank agreed to pay $1 million from his personal assets in addition to available insurance proceeds to settle another FDIC claim related to the failure of IndyMac Bank. In an unrelated yet problematic series of developments, the newly formed CFPB recently assessed civil money penalties against three holding companies for aggressive marketing practices in an aggregate amount exceeding $500 million.